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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the cruise?

Generally 2 hour cruise.

Will the yacht sail rain or shine?

We sail rain or shine. In the case of severe weather conditions or at the direction of the U.S. Coast Guard or National Weather Service, the yacht may remain dockside until weather conditions improve. Weather patterns change and storms usually pass quickly leaving clear skies.

How many people can the Kokomo hold?

The Kokomo can entertain 2 – 6 people. Up to 30 people when docked.

Are there food and drinks served?

It is BYOB, we provide basic mixers, water and lite snacks. We can assist with catering.

Age requirements?

Yes, we have an age restriction of 21+ unless approved in writing.

Are pets allowed?

No, we are sorry pets are not allowed to come aboard.

Are there life jackets?

Yes, The Kokomo has more than enough life jackets available for all passengers at any time. During the Captain’s safety announcement before leaving the dock he will explain where they are located. However, you are not required to wear life jackets during the cruise.

Are there restrooms available?

Yes, the Kokomo has a clean, unisex bathroom onboard It is located on our lower deck and accessible by a stairway.

Will I get seasick?

The Kokomo is a stable yacht.  While the waters sometimes can be choppy when passing another vessel, very little motion is felt aboard the yacht. Seasickness is very rare. If you are particularly prone to motion sickness, please consider consulting your physician prior to going on the cruise.

What should I wear?

Attire on board the Kokomo is casual depending on your event, we only ask to please refrain from wearing high heels on the yacht. There are steps to the upper and lower decks of the yacht. Stairs are required to move between levels.

Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Farley Marina (The Golden Nugget), 600 Huron Ave.